Marketing Support

Marketing Support

Have a good communication and describing skills

Have a good reporting skills

Willing to learn, hard worker, can work underpressure and on time

Company Name
Description IDEAVE is a sincere company with a straightforward vision of supporting brilliant ideas in Indonesia that often go unpublished and unnoticed. We believe that everything that exists today was once just an idea until someone bold enough came along to bring that idea to life.

The core motivation is solely to help and encourage Indonesian people to be more outspoken with their creativity and ideas and connect them with the people that support those ideas.

Creative ideas are everywhere In Indonesia, but when it comes to publishing ideas and creativity, people are somewhat more reserved when compared to western countries. People tend to stick to something that already exists rather than to be courageous to express new and creative ideas. When people do have brilliant ideas, many times, they are faced with lack of financial support. This is where great ideas are often go uncultivated and unnoticed. IDEAVE recognizes this need and chooses to address this by providing a crowdfunding platform for Indonesian people which serves as a breeding ground for those ideas to grow.

Furthermore, IDEAVE not only brings a crowdfunding platform to the table, but also takes it one step further by providing suitable channels, branding service, and communities to promote projects after they are successfully founded. IDEAVE has been in touch with well-known online stores as well as department stores in Indonesia that welcome and support the dream. Our target customers mainly focus on small medium business in Indonesia.
Industry Accounting Audit Tax Service
Job type Full Time
Salary Range RP3000000 RP5000000
Application Deadline 12/31/2016
Send CV to [email protected]
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